Faith Dares

“We can afford to follow Him to failure. Faith dares to fail.” A.W. Tozer

Mountain Monday

There is quite a bit that I could say about mountains. They cause an aggressive stir in my heart that feels as if little snappy firecrackers are exploding. I could go on about how they are such a breath taking inspiration and the beautiful analogies that they provide for life and our spiritual walk. I could go on for a long time…BUT! Tonight I just want to share their beauty and hope that it helps wrap up your Monday. (Plus, I’m writing from my phone because I’m much too comfy on my couch to go next door for  wifi to post from my CPU…honesty hour, folks.)

Mountains of Belize
Seeing these guys going west means that mountains are getting closer!
How-to cross a river with a child: fling me over the shoulder and don’t lose your balance. One of my favorite sights on my trip. 
Along the Continental Divide on Mt. Hope 

Fist-pump Friday!

A beautiful sunrise, a freshly plowed dirt road and some competition with the dirt plow never hurt anyone. (I’m also not complaining that I got to wave “good morning” to my best friend/neighbor as she drove by for work.) It was quite the process this morning of getting myself together and lacing up for a good run, but I am so incredibly glad I did! I got my fist-pump in for the day and it’s not even noon!

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Go find your Friday fist pump moment!

Thursday Truth-Stay in your lane!

I’m bent over on a bar stool at my friend’s apartment, sipping my tea and agonizing over the typical “what to post” decision that I’m sure most people encounter as they venture into the world of blogging.  My head fills with fleeting thoughts…some original, most of them not, but I can’t quite get the creative juices going.  I keep looking at other blogs and playing the comparison game.  This, of course, is not helpful and slows my (already slow) roll. I’m inspired but overwhelmed and somewhat doubtful. I feel like I’m back in 10th grade cramming in a writing assignment that is due the next day. Nothing seems good enough.

When my thoughts of introductory posts, layouts, colors, fonts, grammatical errors and images subside I am reminded of a very bold, slap-in-the-face truth from one of my favorite bloggers (Jenna Kutcher): Stay in your lane!

That’s it.

How are you going to be able to chase your dreams if you keep swerving into other lanes and causing nothing but chaos?! Don’t disqualify yourself by stepping into the next lane.  It’s a daily battle against social media, society and even our own heart and mind to not measure our life to those around us.  More often than not I catch myself idolizing the lives of those around me. You know what? All it does is steal my joy, cause me frustration, discontentment and distracts me from running my course. Why would I hinder myself like that? Just because your daily living and goal pursuing don’t include owning your own business or being teacher of the year doesn’t mean that your life is any more or less worthy.

What if we took the  energy that we spent on comparing and used it to pursue our own dreams and encourage others to do the same? We all have different dreams and praise God for such beautiful variety! We were not made with a cookie cutter. Celebrate the differences and encourage each other, by golly! I would rather run side-by-side someone, cheering each other on than trying to stay ahead or trying to catch up. We all need a kick in the butt every once in a while to remember that God has placed us where we are, right here, right now and to not blur  our dream lines with the next lane over. You have your own visions, style, opinion, goals and coffee drink of choice! Embrace them. Celebrate them. You can’t even shoot your own arrow while looking at someone else’s, let alone follow it. Fix your eyes on the Mastermind, embrace your own dream and haul butt after it.


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