I’ve been reading the Book of Revelation for about 3 months now and while I’ve gained more understanding of the book, I’ve also gained an overwhelming amount of more questions that, for now, go unanswered. One thing though that has predominantly stood out to me is the hope of Heaven and the sweet meeting of Jesus! There is a fair amount of ambiguity and confusion amidst the letter of prophetic apocalypse but this we know for sure: that we as saved sinners will finally see and interact with our Savior, Counselor, and Dear Friend.  

At the beginning of Revelation John describes seeing Jesus for the first time since His ascension. I can only imagine the sweet reunion as Jesus reassured John and guided him in his letters! During Christ’s time on Earth He and John had a special bond and John had spent his life for Jesus not knowing when he would see Him again. Imagine the joy and excitement! Being reunited with a beloved friend on earth exudes unexplainable feelings of relief, satisfaction, and heart bubbling joy so I cannot even begin to imagine the divine reunion of a holy friend. Through this reunion, John depicts a beautiful example of hoping and anticipating in Christ.  Oftentimes I have a feeling of being “incomplete” until I have a specific job, relationship, home, things, or whatever it may be but once I have whatever it is that I’m yearning for the hole in my heart for that specific desire is filled.  After reading John’s encounter with Jesus, I genuinely have a hole in my heart for Jesus that I’ve never had before and I long for the day where that void is completely filled when I finally get to be with him!

As believer, there are many glorious things about Heaven and I eagerly await the day of being reunited with my grandparents, but the thought of at last seeing Jesus and being with Jesus overcomes any other expectation. He has never abandoned me and is my ultimate Guide, Counselor, Gift Giver, Comforter, Instructor, and Teacher. I never have to explain myself to Him and He gives me a sole purpose in life. Nothing is beyond Him and He is never apathetic to my prayers.

Somehow in all of His sovereignty, He has a personal relationship with me.

I am tearing up while I consider how indescribably marvelous that time will be.

Nothing will compare.

Revelation is wonderful proof that our hope in Heaven and Jesus is not in vain. In fact, our hope is barely scratching the surface of what is to come.  We are human and our hope fluctuates depending on the world around us and the amount of earthly desires that are satisfied. John had absolutely nothing left in the world. He was the last Apostle alive, he was old, forced to do heavy labor in the mines, and kept in chains in a desolate cave. In addition to his personal trials, The Church was being persecuted, the spreading of Christianity had been scant for a few decades, and the Temple had been destroyed by the Romans. The world had utterly failed him.  John had a radical faith though and he continued to hope and anticipate his Beloved Friend and Savior.  I pray that as jobs, homes, people, politics, and even my own heart fail me that my hope and eagerness in Christ will only grow.  May I hope in Christ not just as a rescue from the broken world, but may my eager anticipation be based on the love relationship with Him that increases my yearning to just at long last be with my Dear Friend Jesus.

So, the next time you read the book of Revelation take time to find the hope.


As a side note: I think that there will be mountains in Heaven. 🙂